Friday, August 21, 2009

Ask Your Doctor

Where are we on health care reform?
The endless chatter over health care fills the airwaves 24 hours a day and I still can't decipher what is really happening.
Who's fault is it anyway?
The current system is in need of reform, but who is at the reigns?
The patients, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, doctors, nurses or the government?
The reformers and pundits alike are concentrating on a public health option, but is it the central issue?
We need to looker closer at the other problems effecting the system.
The pharmaceutical companies spend over a billion dollars on Direct to Consumer Advertising not to mention the vast amount of money spent on lobbying for their agenda.
Is the health care system a prisoner of the pharmaceutical conglomerate?
Can we compete with their deep pockets?

DTC advertising budgets outweighs the amount of dollars spent on research and development.
As the DTC ads increase so do health care costs.
A night watching TV turns into a virtual visit with your health care provider, I have at least 3 new diseases since last night alone.
Now, I just need to ask my doctor.

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