Monday, October 19, 2009

The Best Deal - Laptops With Good Battery Power

I needed a new battery for my laptop computer and fast. My laptop computer battery was out of juice and I was regulated to using my laptop like a desktop, plugged into a electrical outlet at all times. Not efficient when you are out on the road most of the time and you have to hijack power from the most unlikely of places. I needed help fast, so I started searching the web to find out the best deals on batteries for my Apple Powerbook G4.
I have to admit after long hours of searching for laptop batteries, I found great deals on Cheap Laptop Computers so maybe I just don't need a battery, but a new laptop.
The mac book air is a super fast and super thin dream come true, but what about battery life?
Apple claims that the mac book air gets 5 hours of run time, but tests have come in under 4 hours, but with the 3GJUICE MAC AIR you can run for 6-8 hours without a plug, I'm free again.
You will also, need to get a USB Hub if you plan to work like I do. I can plug in my phone which has a bad battery too with the USB Hub and not worry about having to plug and unplug all those great laptop devices.
Here's to working without my power source!