Monday, January 11, 2010

Stagnant Time Pieces

the plates pushed across the table
crumbs on the floor
stagnant time pieces
he paces

watch for the train as it rolls by
tethered to the night
quarter to nine
drawn and quartered
ten steps behind
hurried hounds
harbor great debts
ten cent note
wet, wet, wet

turn around the corner
follow me down
turn around the corner
follow me
torn pieces
he paces

watch for the rain as it falls now
against the window pane
against the grain
step lightly
tread lightly
not on me

take time dear friend
take time
time to take in the future
past behind
the wall, the wall, the wall
turn to me now
turn around me now
tumble down shack
tumble down, tumble down
I slept
I slept
cold and wet
I slept
I slept
forget i mentioned
forget i came
forget, forget , get , get, get

the glasses are emptied
wine spilled on the gown
the jester is sleeping
the jester is dead
take the watch to the train delayed
take the ticket to the window in the rain
remember the ticket
remember the TICKET
the window is open
the window is open
a door

he paces
he paces

the floor

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