Thursday, April 15, 2010


It's lonely here without you
zorro just hangs around the house
it's lonely here without you
the garden is neglected
where the rose used to grow
vines twine around the brown patches
even though spring is blooming everywhere
the sidewalk is cracked in front of your house
and i call your name and it echoes
along the hedge row
along the fence
it's lonely here
without you
tomorrow comes too soon
i was just remembering yesterday when I woke up
wrote you a letter
and called your phone
it's lonely here without you
seems to be a week or so
but i still try to remember the sight of you
the smell of you
the thought of you
I haven't been myself these days I haven't thought
of me these days
one thing
to do
tomorrow is
sit here on my own - watch the spring turn to summer and the fall lumber on
i can't remember the mess i made
i can't remember the haste escape
i left the house
didn't make the bed
just walked on the cracked street
back street
crack street
it's lonely here
without you

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